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Traditional loyalty solutions are reaching the end of their product life cycle. The practice of allocating points to clients which they in turn can exchange for goods or services with partners of the loyalty program is not as effective or efficient as theory would suggest - clients often have points expire prior to being able to use them. Internationally, companies are turning towards more tangible solutions which give clients easier access to the loyalty benefit. Our loyalty solutions are tailored to meet each client's specific requirements. Each solution involves a combination of benefits acquired by Royal Loyalty to be used by customers of our clients. The benefits can be made available to customers on a coupon basis or developed to synchronize with existing client infrastructure. Each solution can be structured to exist in cycles and each iteration modified to employ new developments. Royal Loyalty and its team of marketing specialists will research each solution and in consultation with clients, develop an optimum solution to meet the requirements of the program. Each program will involve the acquisition of program partners. Each of these partners will be handpicked from Royal Loyalty database of over 500 partners. The partners on each program will offer a specific benefit, generally in the form of a discount, which will be passed on to end users or customers of our clients. Royal Loyalty will design booklets with coupons from each of the partners participating in the program. In turn, the coupon booklets will carry advertising for these partners. Each coupon will represent a benefit which can be structured in different forms to meet the program's requirements. In addition to the coupon booklet, we can also design a separate guide which will walk customers through the benefits of the program and how to use the coupons. As we operate in a dynamic environment, the solution can be tweaked with each cycle. The cycles are designed to ensure you offer your clients the latest available benefits and to align the benefit offered by partners with the exposure they gain from the program. In addition to the loyalty solutions Royal Loyalty also offers solutions for market awareness, market analysis, other marketing campaigns or strategic marketing promotions.

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