Our loyalty solutions carry inherent benefits for both our clients and strategic partners. These include benefits which are mutually applicable and others which are specific to either client or partner.

As our product is new to the South African market, it carries the benefits usually associated with early entry for both our clients and strategic partners. As an early entrant in to an untapped market, clients and partners may enjoy the exponential growth typical of the early stages in a product’s life-cycle.

Among the benefits available to clients, they will enjoy increased product usage resulting in additional revenue. This is as our programmes tie in to our client’s core business model. In addition, the obvious benefit of any loyalty solution is to maintain customer satisfaction as a client retention tool. In any business, generating business from an existing client tends to require less input than to do so from a new client.

Each solution is tailored to meet the needs of the client and delivered on a turnkey basis in a suitable timeframe using our existing business infrastructure.

The solutions have also been used for marketing purposes by clients and could be the swing-factor in a customer’s decision making process, as end-users are often impressed by the list of benefits available.

Our loyalty solutions will also generate new business for our partners. It will generate primary business with end-users redeeming their coupons to purchase goods or services. If they enjoy the product or service, the real value add to partners will be the secondary business the loyalty solution will provide. The secondary business may not be discounted and could result in a customer for life.

Our partners will also enjoy increased exposure through advertising, providing coverage to a client base unique to any other marketing strategy. These benefits are available to partners at no explicit cost and translate to be materially cheaper than other campaigns with similar exposure.

Our solutions are an evolution of traditional solutions and have been successfully implemented internationally. They have a proven track record of providing a positive return on investment for client and partner a-like. The simplicity of our solutions are key to their success, end-users understand their benefits and can access them at their convenience.