Fabiani the Brand

' Fabiani is the the art of luxurious dressing.'

Since Fabiani was established in 1978 it has grown to become the leading menswear retailer in Southern Africa. Fabiani is a luxury brand that is famous among locals, nationals and internationals for its exceptional quality, unique detailing, happy colours and distinctive styling.


Fabiani is renowned for its outstanding levels of service, from complimentary tailoring and delivery to a personal fashion consultancy service.


Fabiani places exceptional focus on luxurious fabrications, sophisticated tailoring, refinement and the importance of accessories to complete a look.

Innovation and perfection of the product are imperative to Fabiani.


Fabiani always occupies the best retail positions in key locations. Every Fabiani store showcases the distinctive Fabiani style, exuding attitude, energy and bold personality.


Fabiani believes that its customers and team members are the vital cogs of Fabiani.


Fabiani's passion shines through in all its innovative ideas and memorable initiatives.

For the last decade, Fabiani's red thread stitching on the last button hole has become the distinguishable trademark of all Fabiani shirts. This unique detailing has led to the beginning of a social responsibility initiative, whereby a percentage of every shirt sold goes to the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital.

On an annual basis Fabiani releases the sort after Little Black Book - An edited compilation of products and services that offer an authentic brand experience.

The Fabiani brand is a style of all times.