Riga is already well established in the exclusive women's fashion market, and has the skills, experience, and necessary capital to make future opportunities a success.

We also believe that it is the right time to bring a new brand into the evermore label conscious South African market. In recent years South Africa has seen the likes of Louis Vuitton, MaxMara (franchise held by ourselves), Gucci, Prada, and other luxury names not seen in the country before, being introduced into the South African market. These brands have entered with a high profile and have created a following in the local market.

Riga Company Overview

Riga Boutique CC has been in operation for almost twenty years. In this time the company has expanded from one small boutique in an exclusive neighbourhood mall, to 6 stores in premium locations around the country. We have also continued to broaden our ranges according to market demands.

The business has been built on the fundamental principle of personalised service, with attention to detail. This, along with our high quality product, has helped to ensure that we continue to offer a unique shopping experience.

Currently Riga has stores in a number of locations around the country, including Hyde Park (an exclusive high fashion mall) in Johannesburg, the V&A Waterfront (two mono brand stores) and Cavendish in Cape Town. The company is on an expansion drive, looking to open new stores in high traffic, top-end malls. We recently launched a Gerard Darel store at the Waterfront. This is the first of its kind in South Africa.

We have are in the process of opening a large multi-brand store in the Villa Mall, in Pretoria. This is destined to be the top mall in Pretoria.

Our stores currently carry top international brands, including:

  • MaxMara
  • Gerard Darel
  • Eva Kayan
  • Persona

In addition to these ranges we have recently been expanding our product offering by finding more top international suppliers, some of which include:

Besides increasing our product offering (ensuring we offer more high fashion fuller figure clothing), we continually update and renew our stores and move with the latest buying trends. We also bring in expert merchandisers to ensure that our merchandise display and windows always add a fresh and exciting feel to our stores. This guarantees that we retain our loyal clientele whilst attracting new customers too.

Finally, we have placed a strong focus and large budget on marketing, reaching our target market through the top magazines around the country. We regularly advertise and are often featured in editorial in Marie Claire, Oprah Magazine, Woman and Home, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Femina and more (please see appendix). It is worth noting that our stores are already firm favourites with many of our local television presenters' wardrobes.

In addition to this we retain the services of a fashion PR company who ensures that our product is prominently placed across many magazines.

Current Sales Coverage

As mentioned, we have a strong foothold in the two major centres in the country, as detailed below.

  • Cape Town - Tourist centre of SA
    • Cavendish Street - exclusive shopping district (Riga)

    This is situated next to the popular Cavendish Square mall.

    "Cavendish Street has a European air about it. Perhaps it's the wide pavements, so reminiscent of Paris. Or the pavement florist with the charming accent who creates pieces of beauty outside the shops. Or perhaps it's the number of fashion boutiques lining this street that give it a glamorous edge." - The Property Mag September 2004

    • V & A Waterfront

    The V&A Waterfront is the number 1 tourist destination in Cape Town, and indeed South Africa


  • The Design Quarter (MaxMara)
  • The Main fashion mall (Gerard Darel)
  • Johannesburg - business & financial centre of SA
    • Hyde Park Shopping Centre
      • Lower Mall (Riga)
      • Upper Mall (MaxMara)

    One of the oldest and most exclusive shopping malls in Johannesburg, offering exclusive boutiques and speciality stores to their clientele


    • WorldWear Mall (Riga Red - outlet)

    Upmarket fashion concept outlet mall

    Financial and Logistical Capacity

    Riga has been in operation under the same ownership for approximately twenty years. Starting as a small suburban boutique in Cape Town the 80s, it has grown to be an exclusive group of fashion stores. Riga continues to search for high traffic, exclusive locations in which to offer more customers the ability to find and enjoy the products that only we can offer.

    While the company continues to grow by opening new stores in additional locations and finding new customers, we continue to grow our customers in our well-established stores.

    The business has been well established for many years, and continues to enjoy ever increasing sales and new customers who discover the products that we have to offer them.

    The company only works with imported products, and as such, we have a long history, and strong understanding of the logistical and practical requirements of bringing products from other countries into South Africa. South Africa in particular has complex importing, customs duty, and foreign exchange restrictions and policies, which change from time to time.

    Our staff is kept abreast of these changes and attends seminars in order to be fully up to date on how these changes will affect our business.

Store Locations & Contact Details

Head Office Physical Address

    8 Cavendish Street
    Cape Town
    South Africa
    Tel: + 27 (0) 21 674 6834
    Fax: + 27 (0) 21 674 4395


In conclusion, Riga is already well established in the exclusive women's fashion market and has stores located in the most prestigious malls in the country. Additionally Riga has the skills and necessary capital to make any fashion opportunity a success.